We (Carson and Renee) are parents first, travelers second and Disney by Age third.  We do a lot of traveling, especially to Walt Disney World, but also well beyond.  And, of course we always travel with our family.  But traveling with babies and toddlers in tow isn’t easy.  We want all the help we can get.  So, we read a lot of blogs, and we read a lot about traveling with families and kids.  And let me tell you, there is a lot out there.

We have selected our 12 favorite and most useful Family and Children’s Travel Blogs to share with you.  We considered depth and breadth of content, quality of writing, site design, reader engagement, usefulness of information, and frequency of posting.  These are all blogs that we find worthwhile, and we think you will too.

Our 12 Favorite Family Travel Blogsbest family kids travel blogs

Traveling Mom has lots of content, thanks in part to lots of contributor voices (“Traveling Moms” who write for the blog).  This allows the blog to cover a lot of ground and offer a varied perspective.  Polished and clean, Traveling Mom is much closer to an online magazine than an blog.

Trips With Tykes was founded by Leslie to share her love of travel and her tips for making it easier with young kids.  She has a lot of content on both Disney World and Disneyland, including some head-to-head show down pieces.  Trips with Tykes is clean and well written with a personal feel.  A Dad perspective is a welcome feature.

Our Next Adventure  is a travel blog by Laura, chronicling her worldly adventures with her husband and young child.  Lots of personalized experience traveling with a baby and young toddler, this blog reads like a personal journal.

JetSet Family What originally began as a travel journal to document Jet-Set Tot’s adventures has become a go-to guide for parents who are still consumed by wanderlust.  JetSet Mom Nicole is a PR professional, and it shows in the design of this professional-looking blog.

Kids Are a Trip is the blog of Kirsten, one of the Traveling Moms (see above).  This blog has family-centric information on both domestic and international travel.  It’s well written, with a fun feel.  We are Michigan natives, and Kirsten nails Traverse City.

Stuffed Suitcase Kim is a mom who shares her wanderlust with her family.  She focuses on the fun and funny side of traveling with a family.  This blog also has a friendly personal feel, with a look at life between trips.  Stuffed Suitcase is a fun family travel journal.

GlobalMouse Travels is a UK-based family travel blog, with plenty of information about traveling in the United Kingdom (which is a genre unto itself) as well as abroad.  We first stumbled onto GlobalMouse thinking it was about our favorite Mouse, but we’re pleasantly surprised when we found out it’s not.

Travel Babbo is Eric Stoen’s effort to inspire others to take their kids to crazy places too.  His blogs about international travel and budget friendly travel with school age kids.  Want to know how to do Paris with elementary schoolers right?  So did we and Travel Babbo told us.  The site is packed with beautiful photography as well.

Gone With the Family uses the tagline “Adventures in Family Travel,” which is exactly what it is and why we like it. Lisa is on a mission to show her kids the world.  A very personal feeling blog (can you tell we like those yet?), Gone With the Family includes some Disney specific posts on Disney World and Disney Cruises.

Top Flight Family is a one-stop resource for sophisticated parents who believe in exploring the world with their children in comfort and style. This is a unique niche for family travel blogs, sort of the opposite of the frugal travel.  The site is beautiful, and founder Carmen’s experience in digital media and marketing is evident.

The L.A. Travel Mom Janeen is a Los Angeles-based travel writer and editor.  You’ll find her blog to be beautiful and rich in both images and videos.  Her content includes family-friendly tips and ideas, as well as toddler-specific articles. She’s even released an app called Tiny Travelers for toddlers to play while traveling!

Magical DIStractions Ok, we had to include at least ONE Disney-focused family travel blog, right? And this is a great one. Caroline is a “Travel Mom” (see above) who blogs about family trips to Disney Destinations, with tons of useful and practical content. Magical DIStractions also has an associated travel agency, which we haven’t tried.  (This is not an affiliate link, just an honest to goodness endorsement).

Which is the best family travel blog?

To be honest, we couldn’t agree!  So instead of picking just one family travel blog, we are officially recommending all 12 of these.  Each has a unique offering whether its personal experiences, beautiful imagery or practical advice.

Did we miss YOUR favorite family travel blog?  Let us know in the comments.  We are always looking for good resources.