Companies in UK Need Clarity Rules After Brexit Amendments

Soon the Brexit talks will enter the EU parliament and this is likely to be an important momentum for the future of life in Britain. As we know that this morning the British government has received the blessing of the British parliament to immediately negotiate the future of England who


When we originally made our plans, MK was scheduled to open at 9 and we were able to get an ADR at Be Our Guest for 8 a.m. MK has since changed their hours to open at 8. Should I keep the reservation at BOG or cancel and try to

Crowd Calendars

How do you determine which park is best to go to on what day? Soe other sights have conflicting parks. For example, on September 7, 2018, you predict low crowds for MK, AK and EP, but others say only HS is low crowds. Just trying to gauge who to trust.

Crowds end of may/early

I’ve booked my holiday on the 22nd of May for 2 weeks I’m worrying that it’s going to be busy? How bad are the crowds? I can’t change the dates as everything is paid for.

When do magic bands ship?

When to magic bands ship for Walt Disney World?  My trip is 2 months away and I haven’t seen mine yet.  I can’t wait to get my magic bands!  I hope they ship soon!!