Best Diaper Bag for Disney World

What is the best diaper bag for Disney World?

If you are heading to Disney World with a baby or toddler, you need to know what the best diaper bag for Disney World is, and we’ve got you covered.

As you probably know there are a lot of diaper bags on the market, so we’ve filtered through dozens to bring you a list of our top choices.  We rated each bag on the criteria below.

We’ve declared a winner in several categories: best overall diaper bag for Disney, best diaper bag under $50, best premium diaper bag, best back pack style bag, best diaper bag for dads and best diaper bag for multiple kids.

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Of course, you probably already have a diaper bag.  Do you absolutely love it?  If so, there’s a good case to be made for brining the diaper bag you already have.

But, there are specific features that are useful for Disney World, that your bag may not have.  And, of course, there is always room for improvement.  We think there’s a good chance you’ll like these bags even more than the one you already have.

And, if you’re like us, you’re diaper bag has probably taken a beating and is ready for an upgrade!  What better excuse for a new bag than Disney World?

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How do you choose the best Diaper bag for Disney World?  If you’ve spent enough time in the Disney World parks with young kids, you know what’s helpful and what’s not.  These are the main criteria we used to evaluate each bag. We think each of these criteria are important, although some will be more important than others to any given parent.

These are our honest and unbiased opinions, which are never for sale, based on our own independent research.  We haven’t been paid or “sponsored” by any of these manufacturers, and we haven’t received any free merchandise.

If you chose to purchase a bag through the links below, we get a small commission which does not affect your cost.

Price – This category is pretty self explanatory.  We’ll let you know which bag gives you the best bang for your buck.

Organization – We are looking for the sweet spot between enough organization and too much.  Too much organization you say?  Yes, each pocket of each bag is searched to the bottom on your way in to the park.  If you have 12 zipped pockets, it becomes a real hassle.

We are also looking at how well the bag can serve as a general park bag, because you definitely don’t want to be carrying 2 bags.

Size – We need a big bag for the diapers, wipes, extra outfits and food that we like to carry.  But we don’t want it to be too big.

Weight – Lighter is better, as long as durability doesn’t suffer.

Durability – Diaper bags take a beating in day to day life, and when you add in travel and theme parks, it only gets worse.  We want bags that can stand up to abuse.

Comfort – Related to weight, comfort is important in the park.

Security – What we mean here, is how secure the bag keeps its contents.  For example, do the pockets zip, or are they weak magnetic closures?  Or maybe they don’t close at all.

Water Resistance – Sudden afternoon downpours are not uncommon during the rainy season in Orlando.  Having a water resistant diaper bag is a plus.

Style – yes, style is subjective. But some bags are clearly more stylish than others. And, some bags come in a variety of styles and colors to appeal to more buyers.

On to the winners…

The Best Diaper Bags for Disney World

Each of the bags featured here is a winner.  The losers didn’t make this list, and we haven’t published any of them.

Having said that, some of these bags perform better than others.  We’ve picked individual winners in each of our categories, and we’ve listed the others as runners up.

Best Overall Diaper Bag for Disney World
Skip Hop Duo Signature

$45 – $85

Why we like it:

This bag has it all, and you can get it at a very reasonable price point, making it our choice for best overall diaper bag for Disney World.  This is a premium bag without the premium price.

Be aware that the Duo Signature has been updated with new features, so make sure you are getting the new version.  The new version has small tote handles, making it easy to identify.

The construction is high quality and the polyester fabric is durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean.  The material is water resistant, and stands up to the abuse of a theme park.

This stylish bag comes in many different patterns and colors, some of which feel feminine and some of which feel more masculine, making this a bag that looks good on Mom or Dad.

Stroller straps and a padded messenger strap mean that you’ll be able to carry this bag around the parks in comfort.  Another premium feature is an included changing pad.

The organization of this bag is the perfect balance for Disney World.  With one main zip pocket and a smaller front panel pocket, it is easily searchable.  However, internal organizers including a tablet/laptop sleeve and open outer pockets give you a place for everything.  And the main pocket zip means your contents are secure.  If you need more room, you can also get this bag in a “double” format.

Seriously, this bag is great, and it won’t break the bank.  You won’t regret brining it with you … but you might regret it if you don’t!

best diaper bag for disney world - buy now

Buy from Skip Hop

Best Diaper Bag for Disney World Under $50

Wallaroo Baby Diaper Bag


Why we like it:

This bag gives you a lot of bang for your buck.  The design is stylish, and the bag is well rated, receiving 4.4 / 5 stars.  It’s easily the most stylish bag on the market at this price point.

The material is a durable synthetic nylon that easily wipes clean and the construction feels surprisingly high quality for the price.  The bag is very water resistant.

The organization is perfect for the parks. One main zip compartment with open dividers means this bag is easy to search on the way in to the park, but has a spot for everything.  The pocket zips shut, securing your belongings.

This bag also has some features that you would expect on a more premium bag, such as stroller hooks.  Really, the only downside we see to this bag is that the shoulder strap has the potential to be uncomfortable and cut in when loaded up with formula.  It would be nice if the handles were long enough to go over the shoulder, tote-style.

Overall, at $30 you can’t afford not to buy this bag.

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Best Premium Diaper Bag for Disney World

Ju Ju Be B.F.F.

$128 – $180

Why we like it:

The Ju Ju Be B.F.F. is a definitely a premium diaper bag.  Like all Ju Ju Be bags, it comes in a plethora of patterns and colors.  25 different patterns and colors, to be exact.

Also like all Ju Ju Be bags, it is durable and well constructed, with a lifetime warranty.  It is also machine washable, which makes it a premium bag that you don’t have to worry about getting dirty in a theme park.

 The BFF has a sturdy bottom and small metal feet, allowing it to stand up well and stay just off whatever surface it rests on.

It also has shoulder straps that can be worn off the shoulder, or backpack style.  You can use the more utilitarian back pack style when you are trekking around Magic Kingdom, and an off the shoulder style when you are going out to eat at Yachtsman. The straps are padded and comfortable.

The organization is excellent with one main open out zippered compartment.  Several smaller zippered compartment will have to be opened for security, but overall this bag is easily searchable.

Form meets function in this beautiful and versatile bag.

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Best Back Pack Style Diaper Bag for Disney World

Ju Ju Be Be Right Back

best back pack style diaper bag for disney world - ju ju be be right back

$115 – $155

Why we like it:

Ju Ju Be is a premium brand when it comes to diaper bags, known for stylish patterns, washability, and durability.  This bag is no exception, earning it as our pick for best back-pack format diaper bag.

This bag comes in a ton of different patterns and styles.  So many in fact, that we have linked to an Amazon search page listing them all, rather than to the individual product.

Besides being durable and machine washable, the quality of construction is superb.  This bag earns 4.4 / 5 stars on Amazon, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The bag is extremely comfortable with breathable mesh fabric on the parts that contact your skin (should straps and back).  The shoulder straps are well padded and don’t cut in.

There is a lot of organization built into this bag, which may slow you down a little on the way into the park.  There are 5 zip pockets, but only 2 main compartments.  As long as the smaller zip exterior pockets are open, it should still be easy and fast to search on the way in.

This is a premium bag, but you can find discounts on Amazon.

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Best Diaper Bag for Dads

5.11 Tactical Rush 10 Mobile Operation Attachment Bag

$88 – $100

Why we like it:

The tactical styling of this bag gives it a very rugged and masculine feel, one of the reasons it’s our favorite bag for Dads.  Because it’s tactical gear, it’s also very durable.  The downside is it’s not as lightweight and breathable.

It’s very functional.  It can be worn on the back, side or front.  You can even use it to help support the weight of your little one while you’re carrying him or her.

Spun around to the front, the pockets can be easily accessed, meaning you don’t need to take this bag off to use it.  That’s great, because I hate setting my diaper bag down in dirty restrooms while I change diapers.

The organization is the perfect balance for Disney World.  1 large and 1 small main zip pocket means the bag can be easily searched on the way in, but some small, open dividers inside keep things organized.

It’s available in Black, Sandstone, “Double Tap,” and Storm.

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Best Bag for Multiple Young Children
Skip Hop Grand Central

$72 – $90

Why we like it:

Like most of our picks, this bag is stylish, well made and durable, earning 4.7 / 5 stars on Amazon.  The exterior fabric is stain resistant and easily wipes clean.  A has a water proof liner.

Stroller hooks are included, but a messenger strap is not.  The tote handles are large enough to be worn over the shoulder, but could begin to cut in.  Trekking around the Magic Kingdom with this puppy on you shoulder is not going to be that comfortable, but throwing it on your stroller will be easy.

This bag is also very large, boasting 11 pockets, including 3 main zip pockets.  This is great if you have multiple young children, for example a baby and a toddler.  However, it’s definitely going to take a while to get through security with this bag.  Each pocket will need to be searched, which will slow you down on your way into the parks.

If you like to pack a lot of gear, or have multiple young kiddos, this is the bag for you.

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Buy from Skip Hop

More Winners

We thought about calling these bags “runners up,” but we decided “more winners” is more accurate. These are great bags too, and they are definitely winning choices. Only bags that we love and endorse for Disney World have made this list. We’ve filtered out dozens more.

Vera Bradley Stroll Around Baby Bag

$70 – $128

Why we like it:

We love Vera Bradley bags.  The print patters are colorful, bright and beautiful.  The construction is uniformly high quality.  And the bags are machine washable (although they may fade a little).

The stroll around is a tote style bag with handless easily long enough to be warn over shoulder, although they may cut in.  A messenger strap is not included, and not needed.  Stroller straps and a changing pad are included.

Organization is perfect for a day in the park, with a main zip pocket and a smaller front zip pocket.  There are also several open pockets and compartments.  This allows you to keep your park and baby gear easily organized, but also allows the bag to be easily searched on the way in.

This is a great overall park bag, and we love ours!

best diaper bag for disney world - buy now

Vera Bradley Backpack Baby

$108 – $138

Why we like it:

Another great bag from Vera Bradley.  Sturdy, durable and washable fabric and construction make this great choice for Disney World.

Premium features include a changing pad, which is machine washable. Dedicated stroller straps are not included, but the shoulder straps should be easy to hang over stroller handles.

The back pack format is great for trekking around theme parks in comfort, although the nonvented fabric will likely get pretty warm.  This consideration is the only reason we didn’t make this our winner for the back pack format diaper bag.

Two main zip pockets, and a magnetic clasp outer panel give you plenty of organization, but make this bag still easy enough to diaper bag for disney world - buy now

What is your favorite diaper bag?  Did we include it? Do you have an special advice for diaper bags at Disney World?  Let us know in the comments!