What apps should you download before your Disney trip? There are a wealth of Disney apps out there, but some are better than others. Here are a some of the best apps for Disney World…

best app for disney world
The My Disney Experience app is one of the best Disney apps for your phone, but some others are great, too!
1. My Disney Experience App – a no brainer.

This is not a surprise. Disney has put SO much information and functionality into their official mobile app. I would be remiss if I did not say that this one is a must-download for your trip. I recommend getting it early and experimenting with what it can do. From dining reservations, to ride times, to maps, to information on EVERY ride, this app is your ultimate official Disney resource as apps go. Get it if you are planning a trip. One way I use it a LOT before trips is for finding Advanced Dining Reservations if I haven’t booked them 180 days out. I can check multiple times per day if availability has opened a restaurant we are trying to get reservations for!


Okay, that said, here are the non-official apps that I think are worth a download…

2. OLP WDW Transportation or, as it shows up on my phone, “TWiz.”

Obviously, I call it “T-Wiz.” Transportation Wizard is great. You select where you are and where you want to go and TWiz will give you several options for how to get there, and estimated trip times. There are creative options like walking and taking a boat that you might not otherwise think of. Getting there can be half the fun with this app. It also often tells you the car or taxi times, which in some cases will be the fastest. Lots of people rent a car for their Disney trip.

Beer Flight at Rose and Crown Pub in the English pavilion.
3. Beers and Ears

Do you like beer like I do? Well, this app can tell you where to find your favorite beer on Disney property. You can search by your favorite beer and it will tell you all the bars or restaurants on property that will have it. You can also see what is served at each bar. This can be a blast to play with if you are planning an adult Disney trip. It’s a fun way to try new beers and new bars all around the Disney World property. They also have a Beers and Ears Food and Wine version as well if you are going during Food and Wine Festival in the fall.


4. Disney World Dining

This app has all of the menus for over 160 restaurants in Disney, sortable by meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Although this information is all available in the My Disney Experience app, it is somewhat easier to access on Disney World Dining.

5. Obligatory Disney Countdown App

There are lots of these out there, but having a countdown on your phone of the days left until your trip can be fun. Just search in the app store. I don’t particularly recommend one over any other. I know WDW Countdown is a popular one, but there are lots out there that are about the same in my opinion.

Tip: Skip wait times apps – especially if you are paying for them.

Lots of wait times apps are out there, but few are more accurate than the ones that are included in My Disney Experience now. Disney keeps close track of wait times by occasionally sending someone through the line with a pass that tracks how long they waited to board. Disney then updates their wait times accordingly. I recommend just using the official wait times.

What are your favorite apps for Disney World? Leave a suggestion in the comments!

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