Epcot is a great park for school-aged kids, from all of the country pavilions  in the World Showcase to some great thrill rides located Futureland, near the entrance to the park. Epcot has fewer rides that will appeal to your school-aged kid than Magic Kingdom, but the good ones are really good. Futureland opens before the World Showcase so hitting those first makes logistical sense if you go in the main entrance. The reverse is true if you use the back entrance between the England and France pavilions. We also have recommendations on the best rides for school-aged kids at Magic Kingdom.

1. MISSION: Space
best disney world epcot rides school age kids

It is a centrifugal motion ride meant to simulate what an astronaut might feel traveling to Mars. There are two intensities riders can choose from – green team (no centrifugal motion) and orange team (a wilder ride, with g forces). The orange ride is intense, those prone to nausea or with health conditions are urged to ride with the green team. Riders receive flight training and then start their mission. This ride is better for kids on the older elementary school age spectrum. Minimum height requirement is 44 inches.

2. Test Track

best rides for school age kids epcot

Your kids can be official General Motors test drivers! Riders get to assist with the concept phase and then buckle in for a wild ride. Topping out at a very quick 65 mph, you will traverse uneven terrain, speed around hairpin turns, and take some steeply banked curves. You even get to experience some cold weather, which may feel great if you are there in the summer!

3. Soarin’ (Epcot)

best rides for school aged kids at epcot disney world Soarin’ takes riders on a simulated open-air flight to California. Riders are taken 40 feet in the air, so those afraid of heights may want to avoid it. You are flown though beautiful scenery on your trip out to Cali. You can see the feet of those on the ride in the car above you dangling in front of the scenery.

What are your favorite rides at Disney World for kids? Tell us in the comments!

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