There are many, many tips out there for how to do Disney with little kiddos. Among the things you need to get right is your stroller. Read on to find the best stroller tips for Walt Disney World.

1. Don’t worry if your stroller is not where you left it.

Have no fear if your stroller disappears. Cast Members move them around while Guests enjoy rides, attractions, and restaurants.

I did NOT know this the first time I brought a stroller to Disney, so imagine my surprise when my stroller was not where I left it. As it turns out, Cast Members move the strollers around to optimize space in typical Disney efficiency. Now that I know to expect it, I put something on my stroller that is easy to see, which leads me to…

2. Buy a balloon and tie it to your stroller’s handlebar!

attaching a balloon to your stroller at disney world is one of our best tips
This is an example of how the stroller parking looks at Walt Disney World. One of the best tips is to tie a Mickey balloon to your stroller so you can find it easily if a Cast Member moves it.
attaching a balloon to your stroller at disney world is one of our best tips
Which stroller do you immediately find in this stroller parking? The one with the balloon? Yeah, me too.

This might be the best stroller advice out there.

In order to find your little prince or princess’s chariot easily, tie a balloon on the handle.

You will see it from far away and be able to locate it quickly if it has been moved by a Cast Member or someone else in your party parked it for you.

This was especially helpful to our crew when we had parents and grandparents all helping coral the kids. I often took the preschooler up to the line while someone else put the stroller in stroller parking and caught up. This meant I never had a clue where to look when I got off the ride!

BONUS: Another of the best Disney World stroller tips is to buy a stroller fan. Or multiple fans.

Seriously. We experimented with two to create a cross-breeze effect through our stroller. Babies and toddlers may not be old enough for a handheld fan or misting fan.

Get a fan that you can clip to the stroller. We tried two fans from Amazon. The Cool on the Go Clip Fan and this one, which was really easy to clip onto the bulkier parts of the stroller.


There is also a rechargeable cool on the go so you don’t have to bring or buy lots of extra batteries. The clip for the cool on the go is a bit slender. If you are taking your own stroller to Walt Disney World, you can experiment ahead of time for what works best for your model of stroller. This is a bonus.

3. Buy your stroller’s accessories for your Disney World trip to maximize functionality

If your stroller can provide shade, be a place for a snack, and be a relatively cool refuge from the chaos of input of the parks, you will have a better Disney World experience. I like to think of the stroller as the toddler or baby’s portable Disney home on-the-go. If they are comfortable in it, they will enjoy the parks SO much more. So will everyone else.

Maximum functionality is the reason I recommend using a full stroller as opposed to just an umbrella – especially for infants and toddlers.

Our stroller initially did not come with a snack tray, but one was available from the manufacturer. We added it to our stroller’s configuration and it was invaluable on our Disney trip. It fit a sippy cup of ice water and some goldfish for passive snacking.

one of out best tips for disney world strollers is to buy accessories
One great Walt Disney World stroller tip is to maximize your stroller’s utility by getting the accessories.
tip: get the organizer for your stroller for Disney World
Your stroller manufacturer may make organizers or other storage solutions which can be incredibly useful for phones and drinks and other small items at Walt Disney World.
Results speak for themselves.

Our 18 month-old was so comfortable at Epcot in July that she actually took a nap in the stroller…




Usually we have to do the  dark, quiet room thing for her to sleep at all. Dada Disneybyage and I were able to get  a quick pint at the Rose and Crown Pub in the England pavilion while she snoozed next to us. Adulting win.

4. Bring your own stroller to Walt Disney World or rent a goof one

You can get uncomfortable rental strollers at Walt Disney World, or nicer rental ones from one of many rental companies that service families heading to Disney World. One of the best stroller tips for Walt Disney World is to bring the stroller your child is used to, and to know how accessories like fans and trays will fit.

Use a breathable stroller cover instead of a blanket to shade your stroller in the hot sun.
red cross stroller safety disney world
Keep a close eye on your child in their stroller to ensure they are safe and comfortable

“It gets extremely hot down in the pram, something like a thermos,” said Dr. Svante Norgren, M.D., a pediatrician at Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Even the largest stroller canopy will likely be insufficient in the hot Florida sun. 

One of the best tips that I learned recently is to use a breathable stroller cover if you plan to try to shade your stroller.

According to recent research, using even the thinnest muslin blanket can create a furnace-like effect. If you need extra shade for your stroller, use a breathable cover instead of a blanket. One option is the universal SnoozeShade Plus.  Even this can trap heat, but will trap less than a blanket.  

I use a combination of the fan and a breathable cover.  

You should also regularly check your baby for signs of heat exhaustion. Warning signs may include sweating, acting weak or tired, shallow breathing, red skin, skin that is hot to the touch, and excessive thirst, among others. Consult with a doctor immediately and get your child to air conditioning and offer fluids if you suspect he or she might be suffering from heat exhaustion.

one of our best stroller tips: drive strollers on the right side of street at disney world
Keep your stroller to the right side of streets and walkways at Walt Disney World. This tip will save you lots of angst!

5. Walk on the right

If you are from abroad, this Walt Disney World stroller tip may seem counterintuitive. Here in the States, we drive on the right side of the road and Disney foot traffic usually follows this pattern as well. Trying to push a stroller on the left side of the street can be tough. Save yourself the fight!

6. Bring the Rain Cover

One of the best Disney World stroller tips is to bring the rain cover. There are often showers in the afternoons at Walt Disney World, especially in the summer and early fall. A damp baby or toddler is rarely content.

best stroller tips for disney world: bring the rain cover

Enjoy your stroll through the parks and join our email list to get more trips for how to Disney by Age!  You might also be interested in this article on the best backpack for Disney World and these tips for taking a toddler to Disney World.


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  • November 20, 2017 at 2:43 am

    This is are some really helpful tips. I particularly love the suggestion you gave on how to easily identify stroller in case a cast member moves it from the stroller park. Thank you so much for these amazing and helpful tips, I will definitely try out some of these tips provided.

    • November 20, 2017 at 8:58 am

      We are so glad you found them to be helpful! The first time a cast member moved my stroller, I was so worried! I had no idea about that policy at the time. Luckily, a cast member quickly approached me and explained that they often rearrange them.

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