So you have been hearing about adults, tweens and teens dressing up (sort of) like Disney characters or other Disney things? Why are they doing this? What is this? This is DisneyBounding. DisneyBounding is a hot new trend among those that like to show their Disney side. Those that are enjoying this fun trend vary from the average joe to celebrities. DisneyBounding allows everyone to show their Disney Side, and get a little creative doing it.

This morning on my way to the pool my preschooler asked me, “are you dressed up as Minnie Mouse?”

Disney Bounding

My answer was no, and…yes. I attempted to explain DisneyBounding to my three year old. It actually went fairly well, and she learned the concepts of inspiration, emulation, and deconstruction. I think.

What is DisneyBounding?

Essentially, it is the concept of emulating something Disney, often a character, through clothing and accessories. It is something Disney, deconstructed as your outfit. You can use color blocking, accessorizing, makeup or a multitude of other creative touches to bring aspects of your favorite character or Disney object to life in your outfit, without wearing a costume.

How Did DisneyBounding Come to Be?

Disney World and Disneyland do not allow anyone over the age of 14 to wear costumes to the parks – unless it is for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. DisneyBounding was invented by Disney fan Leslie Kay before a trip to Disney World. Leslie created the trend and a blog about it. And DisneyBounding was born. And then it flourished.

“It’s meant to be inspiration for you to pull together your own outfits which work for your body and wallet…” – Leslie Kay

How Do I DisneyBound?Disney Bounding

Let your chosen Disney character or item inspire your outfit, without actually dressing up in a character’s costume. Take portions of the look of a character (or any other Disney thing) and essentially create a themed outfit. It is a costume, deconstructed.

From the traditional characters like Minnie and Mickey, princesses, princes and other characters to attractions or even favorite Disney food items, DisneyBounding is limited only by a Disney fan’s imagination. For example, this green dress is a nod to the Tiki Room. Awesome much?

You still need to stay within Disney’s dress code for guests, which means no wigs, no props, no masks, nothing that would be objectionable for a family oriented place. This is the in-depth information on Disney’s official dress code policies.

Some DisneyBounding Outfit Ideas

Minnie Mouse at the Pool DisneyBound

Find it on Amazon:

Cinderella at the Ball DisneyBound

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Dole Whip DisneyBound

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Prince Charming DisneyBound

Find it on Amazon:

Do People REALLY DisneyBound?

Yes. A resounding yes. A fun new game to play in the parks is to spot the people that are DisneyBounding and guess their character or inspiration. Some are subtle, some are more obvious. It has expanded from just the parks, where it is becoming quite prevalent, to those just wishing to add a bit of Disney magic to their day.

It’s becoming all the rage with celebs even joining in the fun. John Stamos’ DisneyBound as Prince Eric won many hearts. His girlfriend, Caitlin McHugh, DisneyBounded as Ariel. Adorable much?

Disney Bounding
Photo Credit: E!News

How Can I Create My Own DisneyBound?

There are multiple pinterest boards devoted to DisneyBounding and a quick google search will yield some great ideas.

Disney Springs even has a place that you can go to get your DisneyBound on if you don’t feel like having to be creative – the Dress Shop! That is where you can find that adorable Tiki Room dress above.

Tell us what Disney character or thing you think would make a great DisneyBound!

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