Epcot Secrets

Disney has many secrets, easter eggs and other hidden surprises throughout their parks. What are some of the Disney World Epcot Secrets?
  1. Did you know that there is still room for another 8 countries in the World Showcase?!
Epcot Secrets
You can see the Tower of Terror in the background of Epcot’s Morocco.The salt water aquarium for the Seas with Nemo and Friends is so large that it would entirely fill up Spaceship Earth (the giant ball!) and then some.

2. You can see the back of Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror in the Morocco Pavilion. It was designed to blend into the scenery of Morocco.

3. The water under the bridge between the UK and France pavilions is supposed to symbolize the English channel. There you will also find the International Gateway – affectionately called the “back entrance.” More info on how to use that entrance can be found on our Top Ten Disney World Tips and Tricks!

4. In Future World, in back of Innovation West, behind the Starbucks, is Club Cool. There you can sample all kinds of different sodas by Coca-Cola from around the world. The best part is it’s free! But be forewarned, some may not be palette-pleasing.

5. Epcot opened on October 2, 1982 and stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.” Walt Disney initially envisioned people living there.

6. Although most of the World Showcase opens at 11 AM, Disney has been opening the Frozen Ever After ride in Norway when the rest of the park opens. (PRO TIP!)

7. Cast Members (Disney Employees) speak in secret codes – curious what they mean? Here is a list!

Epcot Secrets
The museum in Norway is located under the red sign.

8. There are two HIDDEN MUSEUMS in Epcot. One is in Norway, the other is in Morocco. Both are really easy to miss. The one in Norway is inside of Stave Church, pictured. That is the large, sloped wooden building in the front of Norway. You can find the museum behind two large wooden doors over which hang a red Viking sign.

9. Epcot is more than twice the size of Magic Kingdom and takes up almost 300 acres.

Epcot Secrets
5 stories of windows make this 3 story building appear taller.

10. The USA Pavilion is 5 stories tall, but extremely large doors and windows make it appear to be only 3 stories tall. It is the reverse application of the forced perspective used elsewhere in the Disney parks to make buildings appear taller by having increasingly smaller windows and details on the upper stories. For example, the Hotel du Canada is three stories tall but appears to be five!

11. The Temple of Heaven in the China Pavilion is acoustically perfect and you can hear your voice echo back to you.

12. If you press all of the switches and dials in MISSION: Space at once, you will hear Gary Sinise tell you to cut it out. He also does the introduction to the ride at the beginning. In addition to this bit of trivia, another MISSION:Space tidbit is that Code V’s are a common, everyday occurrence on the ride! Eeeeeew.

Epcot Secrets - Disney World13. There is a talking trash can inside the Electric Umbrella Restaurant. Just look for the one that is plugged in! There are also talking water fountains located in Future World. Can you find them?

14. Due to local religious beliefs, the Morocco pavilion is not lit up at night, unlike most buildings at Epcot.

15. A unique drainage system on Spaceship Earth channels rainwater into the World Showcase Lagoon, which means guests can stand underneath it for protection from the water during a downpour.

16. The Rose & Crown pub in the UK pavilion got its name by simply combining the two most common words found in pub names in the UK.

Epcot Secrets
Space Base is an air-conditioned play area for kids 2-12 in Epcot. Enter through the gift shop at the exit to MISSION: Space.

17. There is an air-conditioned play area for children ages 2-12 at the end of the MISSION: Space ride. You do NOT have to go on the ride to use the play area. Simply enter through the gift shop where riders exit. Walk through and you will find SPACE BASE, a stroller-friendly, no-wait play place kids can burn off some energy.

18. Many numbers at Epcot have a special meaning. The address on the mailbox in Living with the Land is 82, signifying Epcot’s 1982 opening. On Soarin,’ you are flight 5505 because the ride opened on May 5, 2005.

19. A tomato tree in the Living with the Land ride  holds the Guinness World Record for a one-year yield of tomatoes. It produced 32,000 tomatoes, with a total weight of almost 1,152 pounds!


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