We review Disney World’s Frozen Ever After ride in the Norway Pavilion of the World Showcase at Epcot.

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Frozen Ever After came to Disney World’s Epcot with much fan anticipation, and a little controversy, in June 2016.  The controversy surrounds the fact that the ride does not follow the local theme. Frozen – and the ride – are set in a fictional country, Arendelle.  The ride, however, is in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase.  Although Arendelle does seem to have many Nordic influences, this strikes many Disney purists as inappropriate.  To them, this is like putting Peter Pan’s flight in Tomorrow Land.

Well, I get that.  And it felt a little strange walking into the Norway Pavilion to get on a Frozen ride. But, I got over it quickly, because the ride is awesome.  And, it’s all fantasy anyways, right?

Getting on Frozen Ever After

Before we get into the ride, let’s talk about how to get on the ride.

Frozen Ever After is a popular ride, based on one of Disney’s most popular animated films, and its throughput is on the low end.  This means loooong wait times.  Wait times average around 90 minutes, and actually reached 300 minutes during the 2016 peak Christmas break period.

This means you need a strategy for the ride.  The obvious choice is making a FastPass, but it’s easier said than done.  FastPasses are often not available for this ride, especially if you are not staying at Disney Resort and can’t make them 60 days out.

Other options are to hit the ride at rope drop, or use an (also hard to get) early morning ADR at Akershus to get in early and get on the ride before the line gets long.  We recommend the early ADR technique in most of our park itineraries.

Frozen Ever After Review
Anna, Elsa and Olaf in the Frozen Ever After ride. The ride is located in Epcot
The Ride

Ok, on to the ride!

Frozen Ever After has something for everyone, especially if you are a Frozen fan. And who’s not?

The ride is a low-lit boat ride, with a few minor drips and jerks. Beautifully lit, colorful animatronic scenes line the ride, along with music from the movie.

The scenes are beautiful, the characters are beautiful, everything is beautiful.

It’s definitely not a thrill ride, but there is some abrupt motion.  We had our 8 month old with us on the ride, and she loved everything about it, including the jerks.  However, I would not bring a baby under 5 months on this ride because of the jerks.

Our toddler-almost-preschooler also loved the ride.  Both kids we enthralled by the scenes.  My wife and I found the ride entertaining and comfortable.  And the air conditioning is a respite.  It’s a bit like It’s a Small World with better music, more motion and broader appeal.

Everyone wanted to ride again.  But not enough to wait 2 hours in line.

Final verdict: 4 out of 5 stars.  How do you like it? Click the stars above to vote, or tell us in the comments.

If you want to preview the ride, checkout this video from Undercover Tourist:


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