Dressing your princess for Disney World without breaking the bank

Every little girl at Disney World wants to be a princess!  Trying to dress your princess at Disney World can be an expensive prospect, but it doesn’t have to be! You can dress a Disney World prices on a dime with a little planning. Here are some tips and tricks to save on creating upscale couture for your little princess, if you want to save some money.  These will also come in handy if you couldn’t get a reservation at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or if your little one is just below the age cutoff for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (3 years).


Buy ahead of time!

How to Dress a Disney World Princess on a Dime
This Princess Anna ensemble cost a grand total of $18

Buy some royal accessories ahead of time and have them shipped to your Walt Disney World Resort, or bring them with you in a suitcase.

Park merchandise can be very pricey, especially costumes and accessories, but there are a lot of items that you can give to your kiddo on the trip that don’t have to be purchased at the park itself.

Your Walt Disney World resort will accept packages up to ten days prior to arrival.

The dress in the photo was a whopping $2.99 purchased online at a Halloween store the day after Halloween. To my two-year-old, it was indistinguishable from the $59.99 Anna dress sold in the park.

You can even get some extra special items that will stand out from what the rest of the princes and princesses are wearing.

This costume jewelry princess necklace (pictured) was purchased ahead of time and presented to my daughter while we were waiting in line for Disney’s Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant. ALL the princesses commented on it, with Jasmine even asking if it was from the Cave of Wonders.

Get the Bibbidi Bobbiti Boutique look for less

Inevitably, you will see lots of little princesses with up-dos from the famous, and famously pricey, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. The Boutique packages range from $60 to $450.  Here are a few ways to save on the Boutique look:

(some are affiliate links, all useful)

The hair

A common theme of these up-dos is the ubiquitous sparkly hair. The majority of the styles I see are a simple princess bun with a tiara in the front and a sparkly Mickey hairpin in the back under the bun, but some princesses opt for more intricate styles or colored hair extensions/poufs as inclusions. Checkout pinterest for instructions on how to do a princess bun or the style you think your child would enjoy most. I recommend bringing bobby pins if you plan to use include a tiara. My kiddo refuses to have her hair up, so we skipped this.

Castle Couture and Sir Mickey’s, located just behind the castle, will often have cast members that will sprinkle free (yes, free!) glitter in your little princess’ hair.  If you prefer to have it done beforehand, you can purchase glitter hairspray or gel.

The Sash

Most little Disney princesses leave the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique with a princess sash. You can order one ahead of time and pack it or ship it. Here are a few options – including one for a princess celebrating her birthday.


The Shoes

Honestly, I recommend sticking with sneakers or really comfortable, well broken-in dress-up shoes. The last thing you want is a blistered princess! She has lots of years left to choose to wear uncomfortable shoes!


There are lots of great options out there for a princess dress, although they may not exactly match the ones sold in the parks. That said, for the price difference, this may well be worth it. If you find a sale you may get them for a steal, but lots run in the $20-$30 price range. Here are a few:

Be sure to check the sizes if you order one of the dresses below…

Snow White Dress

Cinderella Dresses

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)

Elsa Dress

Elsa Frozen Fever Dress

Anna Coronation Dress

Anna Dress

Beauty and the Beast (Belle)

Ariel Dress

Rapunzel Dress

Elena of Avalor

Sofia the First Dress

The Makeup

There are lots of glittery makeup kits available online, and its a fun way for mom and daughter to do some bonding.  Do you remember your mom teaching you how to do makeup?

Glitter Makeup Palette

Frozen Nail Polish Set

Kids Makeup Set


The Jewelry

The jewelry finishes the look.  The costume jewelry in the outfit pictured cost $15, and had all the “real” princesses drooling.

This choker is a great option – it comes in both gold and silver!


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