Staying Cool at Disney World
Olaf lounging at the sunny beach, imagining how much cooler he’d be in summer.

Orlando is hot and humid in the summer months.  So taking a trip to Disney World during this time is crazy, right?!?  Especially with young kids!  

Not so fast.  With a little bit of planning and strategy, and a few tricks, you AND your toddler can still enjoy Disney World in the summer.

I took an 18 month old in July, and everyone had a blast! To be clear, she was mine. Not just a random 18 month old.


How to stay cool and comfortable at Disney in the warmer months

Take breaks in the Air Conditioning

  • Visit indoor attractions with short standby times – here are a few examples but look here for a longer list of air-conditioned rides.
    • Tiki Room (Magic Kingdom)
    • Turtle Talk with Crush or Nemo and Friends (Epcot)
    • Disney, Jr Live on Stage (Hollywood Studios)
    • It’s Tough to be a Bug (Animal Kingdom)
  • At Epcot – Check out Space Base playground at Epcot by walking through the gift shop at the exit for MISSION: Space. You can bring your stroller inside, it is dark (but loud) with air conditioning. Wait for taller riders here or go there just to play. We always hit this playground with our preschoolers so she can get some wiggles out! Check out other great playspaces for kids and toddlers at Disney World here.

Bring Cooling Supplies

Staying Cool at Disney World in Kali River Rapids
Prepare to get soaked on the Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom at Disney World.

You definitely won’t regret bringing these key items down with you, our you can have them shipped to your hotel and waiting for you.

Looking for a list of other gear and supplies to take to Disney World, we have you covered.

Stay Hydrated

Any Disney restaurant will give you a free cup of water if you ask.  Bring bottles of water with your to the park.  Or better yet, bring a refillable container that keeps your beverage cold all day (like a Yeti), and you will be covered.

Wear a hat

Even if you’re not a hat person, being able to shade your head and face can be helpful.  Be warned though, most hats – especially baseball caps – will hold in heat.  I recommend a breathable sunshade hat or a cooling hat.

Wear and reapply sunscreen

This may be obvious, but when you are enjoying your day in the parks, it can be an easy thing to forget!  It can be an easy thing to forget to pack too!  It won’t keep you cool per say, but you’ll feel a lot better in the 90 degree heat without a sunburn.

Afternoon Siesta

Whoever invented the afternoon siesta is a genius.  I highly recommend going back to your hotel for a few hours in the early afternoon – relax, have a snack, nap or take a dip in the pool. Please note, it often rains in the early afternoon in Orlando. Pools will shut down if there is a thunderstorm.

Schedule FastPasses for water rides

You can get wet and cool down on the Splash Mountain in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom.  In the Animal Kingdom, book your high noon FastPass for the Kali River Rapids (you’ll get very wet!).  At Epcot, you’ll get some mild splashing on Maelstrom in Norway of the World Showcase.

Schedule a Character Meal for when the sun is hottest

Go and meet your favorite characters at a meal when it’s uber hot! Sit down, recharge, and get out of the heat without stopping the fun.  The kids will be entertained and won’t feel like they are missing out.

Let kiddos use the splashpads in the parks

Staying Cool at Disney World at Casey Jr Splash 'N Soak
Kids will have fun in this splashed and playground in Magic Kingdom called Casey Jr. Splash ‘N Soak. Bring flip flops and a change of clothes or bathing suits. If you forget, Disney will happily sell them to you!

There are splash pads all over Disney World!

At Epcot, there are splash pads outside Innovations and Mission: SPACE.  

In the Magic Kindom, the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N Soak Station will get you wet.  

And you’ll find a Splash Pad at Disney Springs. Bring flip flops and a change of clothes or bathing suits. No one wants to wander around the park soggy!

Plan a day at a Disney water park

Walt Disney World has two full sized water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, so you and the kids can have fun, get wet and stay cool.  Figure out which day of your trip will be the hottest, and go to one of these parks on that day.  Or, use your Park Hopper pass to go during the hottest parts of the day.

Want to know more about the water parks? We have a free Comprehensive Guide for that!

Be prepared! Ship your Disney Trip Kit with all the essential cooling supplies you need directly to your Disney Resort hotel so you are READY TO GO!  Or, if you would rather haul things down yourself, use our packing lists to make sure you have what you need.

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