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How Can I Save Money on Drinks at Disney World?

Drinking (alcohol) at Walt Disney World can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  We’ve got tips to save money drinking at Disney World.  Are you planning an adults’ only Disney trip? Got a babysitter for the night? Want to get your drink on without spending a fortune? You are in luck.


Read on for how to get your Buzz on without breaking Hamm, I mean, the piggy bank.  Looking for fun ways to drink at Disney World?

How about drinking in the parks? There are now five restaurants serving alcohol in Magic Kingdom, and Epcot and Hollywood Studios are adult-beverage friendly already!

Stock alcohol in your room to save money drinking at Disney World

Stock alcohol in your room to save money on drinks at disney
Stock a bar in your room early on in your trip. This can save you a TON of money.

Alcohol and Disney can be lots of fun together, but alcohol at Disney bars and restaurants can add up quickly, with a beer in the $8-$10 range being at the low end of the pricing spectrum.  Garden Grocer is a service that will deliver groceries AND beer and wine to your room and orders can be placed online.

The prices are not exactly bargains, but much less than the price of a drink served by Disney. Planning to drink the hard stuff? An uber, taxi or car trip to a store that sells it might be worth your time and money if you plan to do a lot of drinking.

Pick up your mixers while you are at it. In a pinch, many of the gift stores in the Disney resorts also sell liquor, but the markups can be steep.

Order the Double when drinking at the Disney World bars

If you are planning for a night out, Jason, a bartender at the Outer Rim Lounge in Disney’s Contemporary Resort recommends ordering the double. You get twice the kick at much less than twice the price. “It’s just a couple bucks more,” he told me.

Take your drink to go at Disney

You can make yourself a drink in  your room (or get one at a bar to go) and take it with you on the monorail (as long as it’s covered) or with you as you walk around. Just plan to finish it before you enter a park. Because you are likely drinking from a souvenir mug from your Dining Plan or have found your drinking mug at the gift shop and it features Disney in some way, this is much classier than brown-bagging-it and considered acceptable. Go for it. Besides, no one will ever know.

Rapid Refill Mugs also make good to-go containers for the park, to save money on drinking alcohol at disney
The Rapid Refill mugs you get with the Dining Plan make great adult-drink to-go containers. You know, for adulting.

Want more tips for saving money at Disney World? Check out this comprehensive list of 53 ways to save money at Disney World by our friends at


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