So you’re planning a trip to Disney World with your toddler (i.e. 1-2 year old).  You’ve made your FastPasses long ago, and your ADRs even longer ago. Now it’s time to make your packing list.

What to Pack for Disney World with ToddlersAny parent knows, toddlers require a lot of gear.  So how do you know you’ve got everything you’ll need?

We’ve made a customized packing list for each age group, babies through adults, to make life easier.  This packing list is customized for toddlers.

Note that some supplies are not on this list, because they are on our packing list for parents.  This list is designed to cover your toddler’s suitcase.


We’ve taken it a step further and also broken down some of the seasonal items by season, to the extent reasonable.

Orlando, Florida does not have a classic 4 season climate (spring, summer, fall, winter).  Instead, there is a hot season and a cool season.  Hot season is reliably HOT and extends from May through September.  Cool season is more variable, and requires being prepared for a range temperatures from the 50s through 80s, with potential for 20 degree temperature swings from day to night.  There is some variable transition between seasons, especially during April and October, which we labeled “warm season” below.

There is also a rainy season, June through September, with heavy afternoon rainfall common.  There is a dry season November through May.  We recommend being prepared for precipitation regardless of the season.  In the rainy season, you’ll want an umbrella and poncho in your park bag.  During the dry season you can bring them in your suitcase and leave them in the room if no rain is forecast.

A word on strollers

Having a good stroller is key to doing Disney World with a toddler.  There are multiple options.  You can rent a stroller in the park, rent a stroller from a third party, or bring one with you.  We recommend bringing a high-quality, customizable stroller with you.  This allows you to keep your toddler comfortable in a familiar environment.  We talk more about this in our our stroller tips here.

Deck your stroller out with stroller fans, sunshades, and organizers and it will be your toddler’s mobile respite in the park. Our favorite stroller for Disney World is the Uppababy VISTA.  The VISTA has lots of attachments and configurations if you have multiple stroller-age kids in your party; the ride along board is great for 5-6 year olds.

Now, let’s get on to what to pack for Disney World with a toddler.

Toddler Packing List

Note that we’ve provided (affiliate) links to Amazon for convenience, in case you want to stock up on some items. If you chose to buy something through these links, we get a small commission at no additional cost to you.  This helps us cover our costs.

These links are updated for age-specific products where appropriate.  So, for example, if you’re also using our packing list for preschoolers, you will see that these link to different products.

We also recommend shipping bulky, disposable items, like diapers and special foods, to your resort.  If you have Amazon Prime, this is free.  Disney claims they may charge you $5 per box shipped to your resort, but in our experience they don’t.  Regardless, $5 is a bargain compared to the cost and hassle of an extra suitcase.

If you don’t have it, you can always signup for an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and cancel after you’ve shipped what you need.

☐ Socks (and onesies if you're still using them)
☐ Swim Suits (I recommend 3, 2 is the minimum. You want one drying while one is in use.)
☐ Swim shirts (Avoid sunburn by keeping those shoulders covered.  Again, I recommend 3.)
☐ Sunglasses with strapLife jacket or swimmies (free life jackets are provided at pools)
☐ Pool shoes (we highly recommend crocs for toddlers)
☐ Shorts
☐ Shirts
☐ Jeans and Pants
     Hot season (May-Sept) - none
     Warm season (Apr, Oct) - 1 pair
     Cool season (Nov-Mar) - 2 pairs
☐ Long sleeve shirts (2)
☐ Dress up outfit (if desired for photos)
☐ Light Sweater / Sweatshirt
     Hot season (May-Sept) - none
     Warm season (Apr, Oct) - 1
     Cool season (Nov-Mar) - 2 or 3
☐ Pajamas 
☐ Light weight, waterproof jacket (omit during hot season)
☐ Costumes 
☐ Park shoes
☐ Toddler sun hat
☐ Hair bands / accessories
☐ Hair ties / barrettes / bows
☐ Hairbrush or Comb
☐ Hair gel or spray if desired
☐ Travel shampoo if desired (Disney World resorts supply)
☐ Soap if desired (Disney World resorts supply bar soap)
☐ Princess nail polish if desired
☐ Glasses if needed
☐ Lotion if desired (Disney World resorts supply)
☐ Children's tylenol / ibuprofen
☐ Medicines / prescriptions
Diapers and/or Pull ups (ship these to your resort)
☐ Baby wipes (ship these to your resort)
☐ Swim diapers (ship these to your resort)
☐ Stroller (as above)
☐ Rain cover for stroller
☐ Toddler leashiPad or tablet (to stay busy on the plane, waiting at dinner, or even in lines)
☐ ChargerRefillable water bottle (this Yeti has a screw top and keeps thins cold for hours)
☐ Sippy cups 
☐ Mini first aid kit / Band-AidsSunscreen (year round) 
☐ Sunscreen Lip Balm (year round) 
☐ Travel hand sanitizer (to go in park bag) 
☐ Travel wipesAutograph penAutograph bookGlow sticks / glow necklaces 
☐ Pacifiers
☐ Toddler utensils if desired
☐ Bibs (this one is awesome)
☐ Cooling towel like Frogg Toggs (skip in cool season) 
☐ Misting fan (skip in cool season)
☐ Bubble gun (sold in the park, your toddler will want one)
☐ Bubbles
☐ Batteries
☐ Special blanket / stuffed animal / lovey
☐ Carseat or FAA approved harness for airplane (highly recommended)
☐ Totseat portable fabric high chair
Food pouches (ship to resort)
☐ Snack pouches for park (ship to resort)
We recommend shipping any foods to your resort that your toddler likes and you can't buy in restaurants.

Did we forget anything?  Let us know in the comments!

Download the Toddler Packing List here.

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    The printable version of the packing list is linking to the pre-schooler one. Can you link it up to the toddler one?

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    Is there a charge to ship a box of baby food to the resort

    • September 21, 2017 at 4:39 pm

      Our experience has been NO! We have done this multiple times. Disney has, however, said they COULD charge $5 per box for items shipped to the hotel. Specifically, rumor has it this applies to conference center hotels like Grand Floridian. That said, so far we have not heard of the charge actually hitting accounts. If you hear otherwise, let us know!

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    Where is the adult packing list?

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