Disney World makes changes all the time, and 2017 is no different!

Here is what’s new in the Magic Kingdom, specifically!

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Big Changes to Park Opening

Rope Drop at the Main Gate is gone.

New Magic Kingdom Rope Drop Disney WorldRopes now drop at the entrances to the individual lands in Magic Kingdom off the hub in front of the castle.

Main Street now opens an hour before the rest of the park. Guests can grab breakfast and go shopping leisurely without feeling obliged to run to an attraction to get in line.

The new welcome show is called “Let the Magic Begin,” and it takes place in front of the castle five minutes before park opening.

We have detailed information on the new rope drop and opening ceremonies, including an interactive map that shows the exact new rope drop locations…including tips on which one to line up at.

More restaurants are serving alcohol

More restaurants in the Magic Kingdom are serving alcohol. Up until very recently, Be Our Guest was the only restaurant that served alcohol in the park. Now, Disney has added adult beverages at Cinderella’s Royal Table, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern, and Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen! If you are doing an adults-only trip, here are some ride suggestions and recommendations on how to have a blast!

“Wishes” fireworks spectacular will be replaced by “Happily Ever After”

New Disney Magic Kingdom firework display 2017
New fireworks show Castle Transformation. Photo Credit: Disney

Wishes fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom has been a Disney staple for over 13 years, but it will be replaced by a new show called Happily Ever After. Disney’s official website indicates it will be an 18-minute presentation featuring more lights, lasers, and projections than ever before at Magic Kingdom. This new show is slated to emphasize Disney’s animated films and characters, featuring castle transformations as a large part of the show. Disney describes the new musical accompaniment as “a stirring score featuring contemporary versions of popular Disney songs.” It will debut on May 12, 2017.



After-hours weddings in the park

whats new in magic kingdomDisney is now allowing guests to get married in front of Cinderella’s castle, ride down Main Street in Cinderella’s glass coach, and have a reception in Fantasyland for up to 300 guests. The price tag is high, but the experience is sure to be unforgettable! Disney has a special wedding planning site called disneyweddings.com that will allow brides and grooms-to-be to design a wedding in the middle of the magic. Work with a Disney Wedding Planner to make your dream wedding a reality.

Hall of Presidents closing for refurbishment

The Hall of Presidents will be closed until June 29, 2017 for refurbishment.

Are you planning a trip to Disney World in 2017?

Make sure to check out our planning advice and new 2016-2017 crowd calendar!  And check out our partner, the great Undercover Tourist for up to 30% off Disney World resorts and discounted park tickets!


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